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Ward Records

Hyde Park Live brings us the latest live recordings of The Rolling Stones, when the kings of rock’n roll celebrated the 50 year anniversary of their debut album at Hyde Park, London in July 2013.

Hyde Park Live is a selection of the very best of the two day performance, held at the very same place where guitarist Mick Taylor was once introduced to the band for the first time, during a legendary concert 44 years ago. With added bonus material, this collection could be called the ultimate compilation of their 50 year career. Hyde Park Live Totals up to 19 songs, starting with the opening song Start Me Up all the way to the last piece, Satisfaction.

The Japanese edition also includes a feature-length commentary by Masanori Terada, as well as a documentary shot by official photographer Mikio Ariga. Furthermore, a limited Japanese bonus CD with 3 additional recordings is included. This complete package presents all songs performed at the Hyde Park concert.

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