Project Overview

The Garden of Words

CoMix Wave Films

“We met so we could learn to walk our own paths”
A story about the yearning that precedes true love.

Enchanting the world with his profound and refined works of animation, director Makoto Shinkai brings us a love story that depicts the delicate summer feelings of an adolescent boy.

The Garden of Words tells the story of high school student Takao, an aspiring shoemaker, who spends rainy days sketching shoe designs in a park. One day, Takao meets a mysterious woman named Yukino. The two only seem to meet when it rains, finding themselves growing closer and closer to each other…
Director Makoto Shinkai uses modern day Tokyo as a backdrop for this wistful love story.


Original story, screenplay and director: Makoto Shinkai
Animation director and character design: Kenichi Tsuchiya
Background art director: Hiroshi Takiguchi
Music: Daisuke Kashiwa
Ending theme: “Rain” (Music and lyrics: Senri Oe, performed by Motohiro Hata)
Production and copyright: CoMix Wave Films
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