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CoMix Wave Films

Japan’s beloved Anime director Akitaro Daichi has been at it again!

Hana-no-Zundamaru is a slapstick comedy based on the manga comic Ninja Awate-maru by Jiro Tsunoda (1965). Originally, the team was working with Flash technology, but feeling rather limited in their expression, they concluded they “couldn’t achieve the craziness they wanted,” bringing production to a grinding halt! However, after much ado, pencils were picked up again and Hana-no-Zundamaru is finally finished, craziness included! Riddled with “hyperactive doodles”, the piece is currently being distributed on YouTube anime channel Anime Bancho. For those of you who can’t be satisfied with today’s TV anime, be prepared to hold your stomach and burst out laughing once again!


Director, screenplay, layout: Akitaroh Daichi
Animation, background art: Rie Oshima Compositing: Kazushige Yusa
Storyboard: Mankyu, Haruki Kasugamori
Music: Jun Abe, Seiji Muto
Production, copyright: CoMix Wave Films
Original work: Jiro Tsunoda
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