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This Boy Caught a Merman

CoMix Wave Films

With “This Boy Can Fight Aliens”, Soubi Yamamoto appeared on the animation scene like a bolt from the blue. Now, the talented up-and-coming director brings us the second installment of her series, portraying the painfully beautiful youth of a young high school boy.

The long awaited release of the second work in the “This Boy” series!

The previous installment,“This Boy Can Fight Aliens”, was the first anime ever to be released as an Animate Points premium DVD, quickly selling out in stores across the country. Female fans showed warm support when the special bonus DVD hit the shelves. In October 2011, the New York Comic-Con organized a screening of the film for an audience of 3000 people, where it was so well-received that a special North American Blu-ray edition was released before anything of the sort appeared on the Japanese market. Now, at long last, the second installment of the series has arrived!

“This boy Caught a Merman” is a heart-touching tale of youth, told in Yamamoto’s innovative visual style.

Like her previous work, “Merman” was made almost single-handedly by the continuously evolving 22-year-old. Once again her novel coloring and design sense fully shine through in a unique way, while the storyline shows her continued growth. This wistful love story between a high school boy and a merman is a piece that will touch every girl’s heart.

Original story, screenplay and director: Soubi Yamamoto
Cast: Kaji Yuki, Hikaru Midorikawa
(OVA production 2012)
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